Chimneys & Flues

With a multitude of flue systems and components available in the commercial flue market today, it is all too easy to become confused about which solution to choose.

At Al Fardan, we prefer to keep things a little simpler by offering you straightforward support and advice to achieve the appropriate solution for your particular application.

We may simplify solutions, however, this is only possible due to our extensive knowledge and experience with products of combustion, fuel-burning appliances, and their applications.

It is this experience, combined with our high levels of customer service, that enables us to provide cost-efficient flue solutions for reliable and efficient system performance.

In association with Enervex, Al Fardan combines quality components, superior technology, and experienced personnel to deliver a system that is economical, environmentally sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable. In addition, our custom engineering and space-saving design ensure that the project meets code requirements, as well as the high standards of today’s builders. At Al Fardan, we don’t build a one-size-fits-all venting system – we understand that each project is unique and our three-step process allows us to design a venting system that meets the specific requirements of a given job.

Al Fardan systems qualify for LEED points under the Energy and Atmosphere (EA) Materials & Resources (MR), Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ), and Innovation & Design Process (ID) sections. Al Fardan has actively promoted low-energy installations, energy savings, indoor air quality, and recycling for decades – long before it became “in”.


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